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AMDA00 Interface Driver issues

Level 7
I've recently bought a new computer, and just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I've been having some very aggravating issues with it and I believe they are linked to this driver.

My keyboard continuously disconnects and reconnects causing Windows to lag and make it seem like I'm holding down the key. I've tried 5 different keyboards, but they all do the same thing. I've tried multiple different USB slots, and still no avail. I noticed that the AMDA00 Driver had an ! next to it, so I fooled around with it. After I disabled it, I noticed the problems disappeared temporarily. I uninstalled the driver, and my USB started working fine! Then after about 20 minutes, an "other device" showed up in device manager with "unknown device" attached to it. The problems came back.

I've tried installing the full update for it and updating the driver completely, but it still does it.

It only does this on my keyboard, which I don't understand.

Can anyone help me diagnose this problem?

My build is:

ASUS H87-Plus LGA 1150
Intel Core i5 - 4570 (Haswell)
12 gb ram
BIOS is 0805 (Came packaged like that)

Any other specs?

Level 13
Hi xlceblue and welcome to ROG. Sounds like a driver conflict.

Have you installed the driver from your keyboard manufacturers web site. What is your keyboard?

Once you have the correct driver installed go into Device Manager and properties and select the driver you have downloaded from Browse my computer instead of searching the net.

Uninstall the driver again that has a :!: next to it which should be yellow. Your system is not recognizing this device so after uninstalling and on your next reboot it should install.

Sometimes this bad driver reload can happen if you plug into another USB port.

This may help:
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My System Specs:

MB:ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero/WiFi GPU:EVGA GTX 1080 sc PSU:Corsair AX-1200i
AMD R7 2700X Cooler: Corsair Hydro H115i Case: Corsair Carbide 780t

Memory:G.Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14D-16GTZR SSD:Samsung 500GB 960 EVO M.2


Level 11
I had the AMDA00 problem when I first built mine. Kept trying to disable, troubleshoot, etc but no help. Finally I put the Windows disc in and pointed the device to it and it loaded the drivers and haven't had any more troubles.

That's the thing. I've successfully installed the driver, but still had the problem with my keyboard. I've never had any problems with the keyboard till this new build. It's an old Wal-Mart keyboard that I've had for a couple years. And I've never really needed drivers for it. Just plug it in and it auto detects it for me. The amda00 driver was successfully installed, but I still had the lag and spam problem till I installed the driver or disabled it. But even then, the driver manages to enable itself and cause more problems for me.

I'm at a loss here. I'm tempted to reinstall Windows 7, and just not install the Windows updates. Cause I didn't have the problem till after I did Windows updates.

Btw I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

EDIT: I'm doing a fresh install of Windows 7, and turning off windows updates immediately. Will post results in a few hours

Well, after re-installing Windows twice and trying different things, I'm going to go ahead and weed the problem out as a faulty motherboard.
When I received the motherboard, I didn't even get a static bag with it, and the motherboard was slightly bent near the mouse/keyboard usb at the corner. I didn't think it would pose any problems, but I guess it did.

I'm setting up an RMA through Newegg now for it.