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Altenrative to Ranger

Level 7
I am afraid that my patience with the ASUS Crossblade Ranger has run its course.

If I have to RMA the one I have now --- which appears highly likely--- I will be on Ranger #5 since first purchased 12/21/2015. Enough is Enough. My confidence in this board has been consumed.

Can someone recommend an alternative board to the Ranger? As I have memory and a processor, I am trying to minimize my losses here and use what I have. I don't even think I will do anything but toss that coaster in the closet and buy a-new.

ATX, AMD A10 7870K, DDR3-2133 Corsair Vengeance Pro, FM2+, preferably 4 DIMM slots.

I would like a BIOS that allows OC-ing and such things. I am NOT fixated on ASUS in any way shape or form.

Not a gamer either, just wanted to build a machine with horsepower.

I am interested in 4 DIMM slots.