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Ai Suite III Problem

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Hello! I have a Maximus VI Hero motherboard. When I built my computer I installed Windows 8 64bit and immediately after I installed Ai Suite III version 1.00.50, which had Dual Intelligent Processors 4 version 1.01.08. Today I saw that Ai Suite III version 1.00.55 came out and I wanted to update. Everything seemed to have installed so I rebooted. When I started Ai Suite III I got this error message: "CreateProcess failed (2)." and I saw that the Dual Intelligent Processors 4 version 1.01.16 did not install. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and even tried installing the old version but it still doesn't work. All the other features work except for Dual Intelligent Processors 4. Please help me! Thanks!

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1)Uninstall AI Suite completely.

2) Run this cleaner:

3) Update UEFI if not already on the latest version.

4) Install the latest AI Suite version.


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Thanks for your reply. I already have the latest version of the UEFI and I have used the cleaner to uninstall. I will try again.

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It still doesn't work. I think I will just reinstall Windows...

Morfaron wrote:
Thanks for your reply. I already have the latest version of the UEFI and I have used the cleaner to uninstall. I will try again.

Let me know how this goes. It might be helpful if you list your entire install procedure including the steps you take to get from a-b if still getting errors.

I'm using Maximus VI Extreme and where can i download the latest AI Suite v10055 ? i'm having problem installing version v10050 from the asus website. Please help thanks

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Now that's not fun
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Guys, I've managed to install from the dvd rather than from the net although both versions are the same. But anyway Thanks

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Thank you for posting back with the outcome, enjoy your system.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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I'm having the same problem with my Z87-PLUS and Win 8.1 RTM 64bit (I'm an MSDN Subscriber), and

I was previously running the 'Preview' of Win8.1 and, and it was working fine.

Then I did a secure-erase, formatted the drive with 8.1 RTM, and installed AVAST A/V, and tried to install
The install failed; AVAST blocked something, so I disabled AVAST and ran the installer again, but now I get the CreateProcess Failed (2) messages.

I've tried uninstalling and running the cleaner, but I still get the same problem after re-installing 10051 or 10055.
I don't think the cleaner is working right.

I hope I can get this fixed, as I was able to overclock my i5-4670k to 4.5GHz stable with AiSuite previously.