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AI Suite III - 4 Way Optimization Question

Level 7

Finally setup my 4670k on MVIH. I tried out the 4 way optimization on AI 3. I've watched some of JJ's videos and in his Demos, under advanced settings he had an option called TPU where you could choose 'ratio only' 'Extreme Tuning' etc. However when I tried AI 3 on my pc, there is no TPU option under advanced settings for me? Instead there is a CPU level option with 4.2G, 4.4G and 4.6G presets?

Am I missing something? Isn't the whole point of 4 way optimization to try and find the optimal settings for my setup instead of just picking presets? Was JJ using a different internal version of AI 3.

Level 13
Your board does not support all the functions. The functions vary according to board model.

Level 7
I was expecting my ROG motherboard, the Asus Maximus VI Formula, would have the fuctionality in AI Suite III, Dual Intelligent Processors 4, 4-Way Optimization, under Advanced Settings, TPU, to allow me to select both "Ratio Only" and "BCLK First" as well as "Fast Tuning" and "Extreme Tuning". Instead with my Asus Maximus VI Formula, under Advanced Settings I only get the options for 4.2, 4.4, 4.6 - nothing else.

On the website,, it says the following:

"Starting with the Turbo Processing Unit (TPU), 4-Way Optimization performs Auto Tuning, which automatically overclocks the CPU to within ~95% of its potential, a process that typically could take up to 2 days to manually overclock. Auto Tuning is even able to overclock 2 cores at a time, and can configured to prioritize either multiplier (default) or BLCK if desired."

Why do I pay more for a ROG board, mine was 265 GBP, when I do not get what the other non ROG boards can do. And why would it say on the Asus website that it would take me two days to accomplish what the software does. That is not marketing, that is literally fraud. I am sorry, but after all the videos JJ did everywhere, having checked the website and read the above, I was convinced that my new Maxmimus VI Formula would have that functionality.

When I set 4.6, the software / board does not manage to get this done, I crash booting into Windows. Which does not seem surprising, since I can literally not see the software doing anything. It takes two seconds, no testing or anything.
When I set just a few things myself in UEFI, I get to 4.6 and boot into Windows. Ok, my 4770K is bad and still struggles with 1.35v and Input at 1.9v but whatever, not the point.
I just feel I been lurred into paying too much for this Asus board.
And that is after I am coming from a Crosshair V Formula-Z that broke down on me, causing me hours and hours of testing to eventually figure out that it's the board.

Really, not happy, like at all.
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Ya this is complete bull$hit!!!! in every video i wached and everything i have read about Ai Suite III-4way optimization they stated that the 1 click overclocking would work with ALL ROG/Z87 motherboards. I purchased the Formula VI for my first ever PC build speciffacly so i wouldnt have to overclock myself because i have no idea where to eaven start with overclocking nor do i want to do it myself in fear of turning a $350 processor into a paperweight!!!!! nowhere on the website or any videos put out by asus did the mention that "functions vary according to board model" that is complete bull$hit and false advertisment. I will NEVER buy another asus product as long as i live. Im going to be contacting the better buisness bureau today and after that shipping the board back to where i bought it in exchange for a gigabyte board.

Level 11
Advise you look up Bios guides, the software is bloated and always has been hit and miss.

Any good clocker will tell you to use the Bios.

Level 7
Ya well my rampage V extreme, I'm getting the same thing.... Their flagship should support ALL features, Heck the x99 deluxe does.. has to something stupid like a setting. Or only unlocks that for the "X" version of the CPU. Wish I had an answer as well.

Level 12
You're only asking for troubles overclocking the CPU via software.
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