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AI Suite II Video

Level 10
ASUS' all new AI Suite II is a singular utility that offers a multitude of tools!
If you're new to ASUS ROG / overclocking software, here's a video showing the funtions of ASUS' new AI Suite II software and shows how to use them to overclock, monitor system vitals, record log files of system vitals, set CPU and chassis fan profiles, etc. This video was recorded using a Crosshair IV Extreme so this is the ROG version of AI Suite II. All upcoming ASUS motherboards will come with AI Suite II. There will be different versions of AI Suite II depending on the motherboard you have. If you have an ROG motherboard then the AI Suite II you will get will have the red & black color scheme and functions specific to your board. Other series of ASUS MB will come with an AI Suite II version that is specific to that motherboard regarding the features and color scheme.

There's many things you can do with AI Suite II, so if you have any specific questions about how to use any of the AI Suite II applications, please ask!


Level 7
is this kind of suiteII compatible to my asus p8h61-m le/usb3?

Level 7
I loaded ASUS SuiteII onto my windows 8 system. I installed the windows 8.1 and after ASUS offered drivers and the ASUS suite II for windows 8.1, I downloaded to install. When I tried to remove the suite II, it did a fouled up removal. Now the right Suite II for my windows 8.1 won't install.
Anyway to clean out the fouled up removal that remains on my machine?

Level 40
Use the guide in my sig.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.