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Advise needed (RIVBE with 64Gb Ram overclock)

Level 7
Hi All,

I am new to overclocking.
My current rig has just been fitted with watercooling and I would like to do some overclocking on my rig. I have read on the asus rampage forum on some stuff to adjust when having 64GB Ram. Yesterday I manage to get it stable at 4Ghz after the adjustment and I proceed to push the ratio to 4.2Ghz. Intel Burn test passed on stress: standard but failed during stress: very high. I have put the vcore to offset mode with +0.03v however it still failed at the stress: very high - after 3rd loop.

Should I keep on increasing the offset voltage or is there anything else I can do the the stabilise the ram?

This is my current rig spec:
ASUS Rampage Black Edition X79
I7 3960X
Cosair Dominator 32GB kit x 2 1866MHz
PSU Seasonic x1250

Stress test program : Intel Burn Test and Prime 95

Memtest86 (Tested on all the memory - no issue so far)

Things I have done so far to the mb.

Intel Speedstep :Auto
Turbo Mode:enable
CIE: Auto

Set AI OC Turner to manual mode,

Memory Frequency: DDR 1600MHz (Suggested by Raja when overclocking 64Gb ram to put one ratio down)

BCLK Frequency:100MHz

VCCSA Current Capability:Set to 130%(max on my mb)

DRAM-AB/CD Current Capability:Increase to 130%

DRAM-AB/CD Power Phase Control: Set to Extreme

(with the above spec the sys will run stable with all stress test at 4.0Ghz)

Once I up the ratio to 42(4.2Ghz)

The cpuz will show the CPU being downclock(from 4.2 to 1.2) when stress test is ongoing and vcore going at 1.3+v)

I increase the vcore offset to +0.02 ( The cpu seem normal under stress test, going around 2.8-4.2, usually around 3.3ghz) passed standard but failed the very high part -Intel Burn Test

I increase vcore offset to +0.03 (Same as above )

Qns, Do I still increase the vcore offset or is there anything else I can do?

Level 11
Did you read the guide in this forum it has helped me you should check it out..
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Secondary: R4BE | 4930K | G.SKILL 2400 16GB | Corsair AX 1500i
Intel 730 240GB + 480GB | EVGA GTX780 ti sli kpe | Custom H20

Hi abvolt, yes I have read on the guide which is why I did some of the changes to the mb after reading . Right now I am trying to push the cpu to 4.2 but I m not sure if I should up the offset somemore or touch on parameter like vttddr voltage. The norm in the guide is oc with 16 or 32 gb kit but I m not very familar with 64gb . Changing dram-AB/CD current capability ,power phase control and VCCSA current capability as suggested in the guide help me get it stable at 4ghz without adding any vcore offset. But pushing to 4.2ghz w/o offset, the cpu speed downclock itself to 1.2ghz at 1.37v (based on cpuz reading).

I add +0.02 to vcore offset and the speed was going back to normal from 2.8 to 4.2 during stress test ( vcore around 1.18 to 1.3). This setting passed intel burn test standard stress but failed the very high level stress test.

Next I increase vcore offset to 0.03 but the result is same as above.

I would like to seek advise if I am doing it right increasing offset further or should I be looking at other parameter.

Level 40
You have to look at temperature as well. If your CPU is downclocking during a stress test, as I understand it, you might have temperature problems...either CPU or VRM...are you cooling the VRM directly?

The fact you are running two separate kits to make up the 64GB will certainly not help you, though it's difficult to know if this is contributing at the moment...

You could remove one kit for now...

Hmm. I will take note of the temp tonight when I reach hme.

Level 40
Actually Alaxang...I just remembered some other people have had problems running SB-E on the RIVBE and experienced downclocking when trying to OC.

When the system is running F5 defaults and you run a stress test does this still happen. maybe try this with just one kit of RAM at XMP to eliminate any possibility of this interfering somehow....

The downclocking actually only happen when I push the cpu to 4.2 ghz using default vcore volt. After I add +0.02 to vcore offset, the downclocking did not persist. I was able to pass standard stress test but when I increase stress level to very high. It failed after the 3rd loop. No bsod just program telling me test failed. I was thinking of pushing offset to 0.04 later tonite too see if any improvement

Level 40
OK that case yes, probably needs a bit more voltage but also look to VCCSA VTT values too....basically just follow Raja's guide and you can't go wrong..

Noted on the VCCSA VTT. I will go thru that part again. Thank you.