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Advice Needed Overclocking Corsair DDR3 2133Mhz on i7 4790K & Z97 ASUS ROG Maximus Hero Vii

Level 7

Need advice, suggestions and guides on figuring out the below Corsair DDR3 2133Mhz RAM timings, Voltages and Speed Capability on a Z97 Maximus Hero VII & i7 4790K.

20230603_095706.jpg 20230603_095739.jpg

I've researched on the net for an overclocking guide for my combo and ended up with these settings for a 4.5Mhz CPU clock:


As you can see the DRAM Frequency runs at I think Default, 1333Mhz and I'm not sure if it increases if it runs at 4.5Mhz? I think it doesn't. I've selected the XMP profile that's available but the system is unstable and BSODs. So it's set to AUTO.

RAM 2.JPGRAM SPD SLOT 2.JPGRAM SPD SLOT 4.JPGScreenshot_20230603_110407_Chrome.jpg

What specific settings do I need to get the RAM to run at the rated 2133Mhz or higher, stable at a 4.6Mhz clock? I know I have to adjust to Manual from Auto but not sure which parameters to manually set as I'm trying learn.