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A2/D7 error on boot

Level 7
Hey guys,

I've got the Maximus V Formula.

I have a problem with a build that I just completed. This is my third build that I'm including 2 who were for friends. After everything is connected, the computer boots, the LEDs work well, my CPU fan seems to work well also. But I get the error D7 on the motherboard and I have no display.

I plugged in a USB keyboard later, thinking it might be the problem. Result: A2 error.

To summarize the errors in the manual are explained as follows:

D7: No input devices found
A2: No IDE detect

I removed the graphics card, hard drives disconnected and I removed the RAM. The system does not display anything yet and still displays the error D7 but on top of that, can not turn it off by the power button on my case. If I leave the RAM in place, the computer may shut down with the power button.

I saw a few forums to check with the beeps what could be the problem but I have no sound even when trying to connect the two cables I have with my case. One is indicated HD AUDIO and the other AC97. Which one should I connect?

At this point, do I undo my build and try to remove the CPU and see if it is installed correctly on the motherboard?

Thank you for your help.

Specs :

I7 3770k
Corsair AX750w
Corsair SSD 120Gb
Western Digital 1Tb
Corsair Dominator 1866Mhz
Cooler Master V8 CPU Heatsink
Cooler Master HAF X

Oh finally some good news 😄 so my next step would be to install the OS ... I don't understand why those q-codes are so hard to find.Shoudn't be a list with them ....i still have one problem, that would be my memory, i have 16Gb 4x4gb sticks G.Skill 2666Mhz CL11 and it works only with 2sticks, if i use all 4 of them it won't boot, and no screen....i belive that with a BIOS update i will fix the problem...since i'm ok with the system at the momment you think i should try to put the other 2 sticks and see if works?

Level 40
Think you can find them in your user manual. 🙂 No seriously they are in there.

Once you are in the bios again, just set your ram values manually and maybe give the Dram voltage just a touch or two more voltage. That should allow you to use all your sticks.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

okies, i'm in the bios right now and to be honest don't know what to touch.... i'm in Extreme tweaker panel and
memory frecquency is in auto so i changed it to 2666 mhz
the dram voltage =1.674v 1.668v 1.678 it keeps changing all the time.... have no clue how to change it, below DRAM voltage says
IMC-DRAM Offset sign with the + sign selected
I can't figure out how to change the voltage

I'm new to all this, its my first time when i'm doin a build 😄 .....

Level 7
done, it works with all 4 sticks, i only changed de the ram frequency to 2666mhz
Thnx alot mate for your help, i appreciate it 😉

Level 40
It is all good buddy we are here to help when we can.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
It is all good buddy we are here to help when we can.

I just spent weeks trying to get this sorted. my old system has sat in the corner of the room for 3 years. ive come to reuse it and used bios flashback to install the latest bios with a 4790s.

after a successful flash I was left with this A2/D2 error. once I plugged in a keyboard and mouse it was A2.

I couldn't get video from the onboard hdmi connection and so bought an nvidia 1660ti and tried that. I should of bought something much older to try.

anyway ive just packed it all away feeling completely sick of it. I can not believe im unable to get a video signal to set up the bios, install the os etc...

system contained#

asus maximus extreme
16 and 32gb of Kingston beast
1660ti with and without...
ssd ended up being unplugged as I kept waiting for bios to appear. this didnt happen...

do you know what was happening. why I was never able to get a video signal. not with a pcie card or the onboard connector..... im a few hundred pounds down and did not expect this...

off to go look down the barrel of a shotgun... see if I cant find any answers... :confused:
AsusCrosshairHeroVIII - 5950X
32Gb G.Skill RGB Trident 16gb3466Mhz B-Die + 16gb4266Mhz B-Die
Asus Tuf RTX3090
1TbSamsung960EVO M.2 1TbSamsung850EVO SSD Seagate2TB/3Tb CorsairForceGt 64gb
Seasonic Focus1000w 80+ Gold
Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered glass side panal

Level 7

Hey there. I have a Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 that I bought as a pre-built unit. I made sure all the connectors and everything are connected as they should be, plugged it in, and got nothing on the display. The LED diagnostic gives me an A2 q-code. I have no idea what is causing the issue. Could anyone advise me on how to fix it?



Intel Core i5 CPU

Asus ROG DirectCUII GTX660 GPU

Huntkey HK600-53AP PSU

32gb DDR3 DIMM RAM (4x8gb)