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990fx won't always reboot

Level 7

Curious as to why sometimes my Crosshair V Formula - Z will reboot upon the pressing of the restart button on my chassis and sometimes it won't (this happened with my Crosshair IV as well). Actually today, I was cloning something from an Acronis 2015 boot disk and went I exited the boot disk the screen just went black. I held the power button down on my chassis - to no avail. I popped open my chassis and held down the power button on the Formula - Z - to no avail! I had to (and this happened multiple times), actually pull the power cord from the friggin' PSU to kill it! Brand new install of the Formula - Z. Not sure what the cause of this is, but I sure would like to know.

Thanks in advance,


Level 18
SuperCell - Welcome to ROG.
Did you get this sorted ?
How about a list of your components to start with ?
Were all the lights still lit on the board ?
Is this the same case as the IV was ?
Best of Luck -- Please keep us posted. .c.