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6700k oc @ 4800mhz adaptive mode?

Level 7
Hello all

I think I might have been some what lucky with this 6700k
Had no problem bumping it to 4800mhz at 1.315v haven't fine tuned it yet though..

But i set the volt in manual mode. When I switch to adaptive mode there's a setting called offsetmode sign and I can then choose from + and - what's the difference?
And should I type my target max volt in some where?

It is because I tried booting in adaptive with it set to - and it failed to boot. So I'm curious as to what this means.

Last thing, I should be setting it to adaptive right? Manual is only to determine the stable volts right?

From Rasmus

Level 7
I always use manual. I þhink that's standard.

You also got CRAZY lucky if u can do so much as light gaming at that voltage/speed. i needed to set vcore to 1.3875 w an LLC setting of 5 to get FULLY stable at 4.7ghz w my z170 sabertooth and 6700k. From what I know, this is about normal.

(sucks now, tho, caûse ever since the last 3 bios versions wont giveme that much control over the voltage anymore - it's either 1.385 or 1.39.........)