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4-Way Optimization help

Level 7
Hi. Using the 4-Way Optimization/dual intelligent processors app, under TPU, it won't save my settings. I need "OC Voltage" to be set to 1.3 always, whereas it defaults to 1.275, and If I forget to change it on startup, my computer crashes after a while. I've no idea where to find this setting in Bios. And why doesn't this program save your changes? the autosettings created by the 4wayOptimization button thing always BSOD's my pc, and I have to push the voltage up just a little which seems to solve the issue, but every time i start my computer.

Please help.

(Running at 4.5ghz btw - doesn't go over 75 degrees in prime95 which is good).

See attachement

Level 13

1) The profiles are static, and as there is so much variability in Haswell samples, it is impossible to find voltages that keep all users happy. If you have a CPU sample that is below the average, then manual tuning is required

2) TPU does not write settings back to UEFI - it's currently configured as an experimentational tool for system tweaking. You will need to go into UEFI and apply the settings. You can find them in the UEFI Extreme Tweaker section and in fact they should be shown in the motherboard manual that shipped with your board, too. There is also a UEFI guide stickyed in this forum showing these settings in UEFI. Just press del at POST get into UEFI and start having a look around (it won't hurt you to do so) 🙂

You could save me time by telling me where the OC Voltage option is?