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3DS Max and Revit Architecture Temperatures and fans

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I hope this is the right place to post this. I just recently built my own PC and I feel like my system is a little warm or maybe even hot when it's under a load. I use Revit Architecture and 3DS Max to render instead of using it for games.


Here is an image of my ASUS Probe II stats while it is under a load with Revit Architecture rendering an image. When I'm using 3DS Max and rendering, the CPU Temps can even go to 75C or 80C.

I know I should probably buy a new fan other than the one that came with the I7, but I didn't know if I could change any settings to make it run better and cooler.

I'm new to overclocking, so I don't know all of the lingo. Any help would be great!



Level 7
Oh, and my PC specs are
Rampage III Extreme motherboard
8 Gigs of RAM
2GB Graphic Card (one card, not SLI or Crossfire)
i7 950 CPU

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what kind of cpu cooler are you using? is it the stock heatsink from intel? also are you running stock or did you oc your system at all?

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step1984 wrote:
When I'm using 3DS Max and rendering, the CPU Temps can even go to 75C or 80C.

Hi Stephen

Nothing wrong with your system. You just need more aggressive cooling to see lower temps. 3ds Max is brutal for bringing out system inadequacies. It is now my standard test of stability on the P67 platform. I am able to put together settings that will pass of hours of LinX , Prime95 or other commonly used stability tests but crash within an hour and a half of rendering in 3ds Max.

If using the stock CPU heatsink a good aftermarket one will bring the CPU temps down some. And one or two strategically placed case fans should lower the other temps.

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Sorry I haven't replied. The last few weeks have been finals in college.

I am using the stock cooler from Intel. I am also using the extra little fan that came with the motherboard. I have tried to OC my system, but I felt that it was too hot. The temps and other stats above are when it was running stock during a rendering in Revit Architecture.

Thanks, I was worried I wouldn't find anyone with 3ds Max help on here. I do have a place for another fan on my case. Any suggestions on what sort of fan and heatsink to get? I'm new to custom machines.

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Another question,

How hot can my CPU get and still be ok?

in theory your CPU could hit 100C and be OK but almost everyone will tell you that it isn't a good idea and especially for prolonged periods.

as for a cooler, the cooler master hyper 212+ is a pretty decent one for not a lot of money.
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Agreed the stock cooler isn't that great. The max i want to see on my cpu with a extreme load would be 80°c. But that would be using linX or intel burn test. Stock fans aren't that great but it will get you by until you get something better. Coud also just be case airflow and the fans in our case also. I like the hyper 212+ but the mugen2 is a bit better for a few more dollars. As the mugen2 will be $40 versus the hyper 212+ for around $35 - 39 dollars.

Mugen 2:

Hyper 212 +

They are the same price at newegg. But not sure where you order from but there are the links.

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Thanks Killer_K and Xeromist,

Do you know if either of those fans will fit in my computer? I have a RaidMax Dirk-Tooth Case and a Rampage Extreme 3 motherboard. I'm new to building my own PC, so I don't really know what to search for.

I've never owned one of those cases but from what I can tell it is a full tower case. You should be able to fit a full sized cpu cooler in there with no problems. If you are worried about clearances then the two areas where you'd most likely have trouble would be the height and how close it is to the memory modules. Both of those you can measure and compare before you buy.

TL;DR: It should be fine
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