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3 out of 20? where is the AMD love

Level 7
I am not hating on Intel motherboards but i seriously think that AMD love is missing from the selection the 3 current mobos are all crosshair mobos (iv formula, v formula, v formula-z). now that ASUS has announced the "A88XM-Pro FM2+" for APUs will there be a ROG mobo to help give selection to AMD lovers. personally gaming mobos to me are motherboards that help open up bottle necks of cpu/gpu/hdd/ssd/rj-45 etc... So gamers or overclockers can squeeze out every little performance out. i hate how i have to miss out on the ROG family love because i like AMD. the current AMD mobos are not receiving any of the cool stuff intel boards are getting, that isnt chipset dependent.

just some Features i like to see:

Extreme Engine Digi+ II/III (future thinking)

pure Digital Video w/ eyefinity support (DVI, Display Port, HDMI 1.4a DDC, TMDS, CEC, ARC, HEC) DVI to VGA adapter

Dual RJ45 Gigabit LAN ports w/ GameFirst II/III and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) aka Port Trunking.

2x mPCIe Combo + Dual-band Wi-Fi (b,g,n,ac) / Bluetooth 4.0 +SH +EDR -LE AND option for SSD boot

T-Topology memory that can take advantage of DDR4's point to point topology AND UMA/HUMA

LucidLogix Virtu MVP / CrossLinx 3 Technology (AMD APU/discrete GPU crossfire alternative booster)

9.1 Audio Support

ROG Xonar Phoebus / ThunderFX Built in or optional bundle

Red Line Shielding, EMI Protection Cover, ELNA Premium Audio Capacitors, 300-600 OHM Headphone Amplifier

Direct Audio to HDMI

Multiple form factors (ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX)

Raid 0/1/5/10/JBOD (minimal internal Sata ports)

to sum up i rather have minimum amount of sata ports, PCi(e) slots to increase performance to other parts like PCIe 3.0 (16x16x16) rather then a bunch of Sata / PCIe / PCI slots using lower speeds like x4 x8 that i probably wont use. so Micro ATX or Mini ITX mobos that have fewer slots, i would think that they would free up pipelines to boost other inputs.

Level 10
Seriously guys, I am a huge AMD fan.. My first two builds were AMDs..

However, looking at the quality and, the way AMD is headed, I feel ignored on the desktop end.. This includes graphics cards too!! Their main focus seems to be more server and, embedded/ mobile oriented (I may be wrong here though, hopefully 😉 ).. 😞

However, ROG can still give the awesome features that some of the Intel boards enjoy.. So, plus one for the post dude.. 🙂

HVM sir, really enjoy the words of wisdom.. However, we both know that the scores to get higher do have custom settings and, may not reflect an ACTUAL REAL world application!!

I do understand the custom settings may apply to both Intel and, AMD users.. However, what I mean to say is, it would be a fair comparison if the bench is run in actual win7 settings without any optimizations done.. What says? 🙂

CPU: Intel i5 3570k OC'd to 4.6GHz @1.170V; Mobo: MVG; GPU: Zotac 1070 mini OC'd to +210MHz/+205MHz; Memory: 8GB (2X4GB dual channel) Corsair Vengeance 1333Mhz 9-10-9-T2; SSD: Samsung 840 pro; HDD: 1TB WD Green 6Gbps; PSU: Corsair GS 600w; Case: Bitfenix Merc Alpha:Hybrid Octane in progress; Cooler: Corsair H80 closed loop cooling @ high profile;

Pre & Post Build Guide

A lot of epic FAIL videos are made before one epic WIN video is made 🙂

Level 15
In no way did HiVizMan state that R&D is based off of Realbench and it couldn't be, since the software has only been available for a couple weeks now 🙂

Level 40
WarBNull sorry mate I think my words may have been a bit clumsy, no the R&D paths have nothing at all to do with the Realbench league. I merely mention the league table as an easily accessible example of the difference between AMD and Intel as it currently stands - specifically as Realbench uses real world applications as part of its test. There are many factors that influence the amount of, and direction of R&D that any company invests into a particular product range. You are quite correct in that sales and profitability that comes with a higher volume or sales will always be the key driver in R&D spend.

At the end of the day the numbers tell all, and the bulk of motherboards sold outside of OEM are not AMD. AMD have the best APU (on board graphics) and those systems are selling like crazy for OEM builds in the corporate as workstations. Server segment is huge AMD so for sure AMD is doing well, but not in the enthusiast market. ROG is the enthusiast market.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
My only wonderment is when did enthusiast come to mean 'Only' benching .. and Not Gaming ?? ummm Republic of 'Gamers' ???
Not to be argumentative but ... ??? Isn't ROG Gamers/Benchers/both imply performance ?? Just say'n.

That's not to say that many of non-ROG boards -- shudder -- aren't 'game' ready. et.c.

Level 7
That makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

Not sure how everyone clarifies Enthusiast but to me in the past it did mean those that like to do benching, but at some point the term became associated with high end and/or hardcore gamers. Personally Gamers in general is a very diverse group that it really should not be used for them. Some are just so casual that they do not need the high end hardware like others desire. Then there are those that do not OC at all where others do. Like you I would prefer to stick with those that do Benching as Enthusiast. It is just easier. 🙂

I personally think that AMD is doing better than many think when it comes to the gaming market. I know many, many, gamers that use AMD. A ton of my friends in BF and other games use AMD. I will not deny that I do notice that there are more Intel mobos being used than AMD, but still there are a ton of AMD gamers out there that I have seen in the gaming communities. This is mainly from reading the threads and seeing people talk about subjects where there systems may be mentioned. It shows that a lot use AMD. Maybe one day it will grow to a point where they can be acknowledged better than they currently are. 🙂

On a side note: There is less of a gap between AMD and Nvidia GPU's than there is between AMD and Intel mobo's. AMD is doing better in its GPU market than it is in its Mobo market when it comes to gaming. Thankfully. 🙂

Level 18
Yes and it sounds better than Republic of Benchers / ROB. or Republic of OverClockers / ROOC. or ~shudder~ Republic of Enthusiasts / ROE.

I was just pointing out that AMD has Game and deserves to wear the Black and Red.
After all can Any Intel beat Every AMD ??? hahhaa and those that can't, are they 'locked out' of use in ROG intel boards ???
Just say'n. Its a moot point really, what is done is done.
And as brother WarbNull points out there are far more Gamers than hardCore Benching OverClockers. To shut out an entire segment
is to limit the funds produced for additional R&D of the top end, but then wasn't that why it was named ROG in the first place? imho.

Are some of the Gseries laptops then at risk of being dropped ??? I thought not.c.

Level 40
Gamers = Enthusiasts in my view. Overclockers and benchers make up a very small percentage of the market. The Extreme range is the board targeted at the Extreme section of that group, and I do not know of any gamers that play on LN2.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18
hhahaha .. exactly HiViz .. [but I was glued to the live video feeds, especially the helium .. yikes.]

and have 'we' all seen this ??? [don't forget to vistit the home page once in a while]

Immense! 8GHz Overclocked A10-6800K On F2A85-V Pro By Stilt

Overclocker Stilt from Finland cracked an incredible 8GHz on the new A10-6800K AMD ‘Richland’ APU, with all fours active using the ASUS F2A85-V Pro motherboard and liquid nitrogen cooling. Wow! If you’ve seen pictures of the setup, we’d love to see them.
See the CPU validation and HWBot submission for more details.

Level 13
Thank You chrsplmr for informing me of this discussion. As understand what has been said, HiViz is correct to a point, that being OC'in is also a game to the Nerds and Geeks but several points I have stated over the last TWO YEARS that I've been on these here forums keeps coming up but I'll bet nobodies got the Kahunas to admit to that! R. O. G. does stand for Republic of Gamers but Asus/ROG Forums only will look at the Over Clockers as Enthusiast/Gamer Breed thus their Product line here is only geared to that end and other Gamers is only an Afterthought, but the Prof is in the Mix as they say....Take a little bit of time and look back thru all of the threads here in just the AMD Forums and you'll see very fast that I'm correct.

Now on to the Diversity of the R. O. G. Brand and How Many Intel R. O. G. Boards are there versus JUST 1, "Uno", 'Single'...AMD Board (the Crosshair V Formula-Z). Not surprising since Asus RnD is only concerned with Performance which only a few years ago it was about Innovation! I remember an artical in CPU(Computer Power User) Magazine where Asus wasted the time to build an ASTONISHING Video Card that used '3' Mobile ATI GPU's and an Elaborate Water Cooling system with internal CrossfireX but never sent it to Market! I personally would have Killed for one of those at the time because it Kicked the S**t out of the GT280 at the time!

My summation is Asus Doesn't give a DAm about the AMD User and are putting all efforts to the Intel User because as they put it 'That's Where the Money Is!'. Yes Asus could easily put Thermal Armor on the AMD line or add a MPCIE with the option of a Bluetooth and Micro SDD like on the Intel Line or even that new fangled Fusion Heat System with out hardly any R&D or cost but to make an mATX that would involve re-branding a Current Non-ROG Mobo to the ROG status and some work remaking the BIOS plus adding ROG Connect to it, that could cost.

Yes Asus could do a HELL of a LOT MORE for us AMD users but they are not going to lift a finger to do it because it's not Cost Effective, even though they might get more Sales which would equal more Profit but that's not even a concern for the Biggest Intel Biased Manufacturer on the Planet.

P.S. I'll bet most people won't even read what I typed here or even care to try to read it. No I wasn't Rebuking, Flaming or Arguing with anyone in this thread but just Presented My Personal Opinion of which Asus and or any users/Mods/Admins may or may not Support(BTW I don't give a Dam if they do or don't).

Sincerely DaemonCantor

Level 7
I read your post, and I liked it. You pretty much expressed how I am currently feeling about ASUS right now when it comes to AMD. 🙂