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Would it be possible for ASUS to make a 460 that could 3 way SLI?

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Or is the chip at the hardware level restricted from doing that?

I think the 460's in triple SLI would be beat performers, and at a much lower price point than 480's or 470's. Did nVidia not make the 460's triple SLI compatible on purpose to try and boost sales of the 470's and 480 to enthusiast, or was this just a design that couldn't handle 3 cards linked together?

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Nvidia purposly made it available for dual SLI. if you go tri or higher, they want you to buy the 470 and 480 because people that have enough money to spend on 3 460 should just buy 2 470 or 480. Nope ASUS cannot make a tri sli 460, it would really piss the green giant off.:cool:

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You are asking the wrong question. Would ASUS do it? Probably not due to some of the reasons Brian listed.

While technically it may even be possible with the current cards just need a bios to have it recognized as GTX 470s although you wouldnt have the correct SLI bridge connectors it still may run without them however would take a performance hit.

Same thing is done with GTX 285s to run 4-way SLI. Just flash to a custom bios that makes the card recognize as a GTX 295. However you would need to have access to the proper tools to make the correct bios.

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IMO asus couldn't to it. They can change the reference design of the board but they can't change the product spec itself ( like using another GPU to unlock more core ) or anything other like 3way-sli on a 460. The best they can do is a ARES version of the card. But brian will agree that a ARES 460 wouldn't be that extreme, which is what ARES are standing for.

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GTX 460's are not 3 way SLI compatible. There is only one SLI finger on each GTX 460. As where on 470's and 480's there are dual(2) SLI fingers on each card.