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Worried about the placement of thermal pads...

Level 8

I just bought ASUS TUF RTX 3060 Ti with GDDR6X memory and I'm worried about the placement of thermal pads. Looks like the cooler doesn't fit correctly and the thermal pads cover only 50% of the memory chips. I can return this card for next 4 days, what do you think?

Also this card disappeared from Amazon and from on of the biggest on-line shops in Poland (X-Kom) with information that this product was discontinued.

This photo is from Newegg review of 3070 Ti with GDDR6X. It's looks exactly the same as 3060 Ti.

I'm not sure about that big chunk of extra pad on M1, but if you just mean the other memory chips have 60-70% covered then that should be OK. It's not ideal for a thermal interface to only cover part of the chip being cooled but the heat will move to the area with interface material. Also, memory chips are less thermally sensitive than processor chips which is why you don't see active cooling on desktop memory modules.

One thing to look for is the shape of the actual sink on the other side. Sometimes the actual sink only covers part of the chips for whatever reason, so even if you had pads covering the whole chips it wouldn't make a difference.
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Level 8
Thanks for the answer. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that such a thing cannot happen in a card for such money. I returned it.