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Where is safetemps, stupid questions.

Level 7
Hi, i am having a few questions about the temps for my 1070 Strix.
first off, I am living in a dorm where it gets dusty quickly, and the chances for me to clean it often are low, and i can start spotting i would say a little dust on the top now, not because I am worried but I'd like to know when am I safe for my 1070 to run it?
I ran 2 heavens benchmarks after eachother and got max 62 degress, my apartment is kinda cold, because it's old.
I can play a game such as dota with 105 FPS capped and it would hit around 56-57 Degress
I can play Dead by Daylight at Ultra it hits 56-57 Degress, but I am not sure if I can buy BF1 and play it without my GPU will start hitting over 70Degress, also my fans only start at 55 Degress, but at 61-62 in HW Monitor i saw they were running at 38% around 1400 RPM i think is that normal?
as well as can it be safe it only start at that point my old 680 3 years old would hit almost 70 degress in Dead by Daylight after i cleaned it, and there i think the Thermal paste might have been starting to get dried out.
Will my GFX likely hit 70 when it in Heavens only hit 62 max
Should I download TweakTool II and turn on the fans so they always run?
Is it even safe for my thermal paste, i don't want it to dry out
I am a bit of a 10 thumbs when screwing a part, would Air compressor be okay to use if i hold the fans when blowing it clean some time?
and do I need to swap thermalpaste the first 2 years?
Sorry for my bad English and also i am using the OC Edition 1070

Hi Akiro1337

You don't need to reapply the thermal compound and doing so may void your warranty. I doubt you'll hit 70c and thermal throttling won't happen until you reach 80c - 82c so as long as you stay below that you won't have any problems.

An air compressor is ok to use just be sure there's no moisture in it, I would recommend a can of compressed air.

You can install GPU Tweak II and set a fan curve or set the fan manually, the latest version as of now is it's a great overclocking tool too.

Select your operating system then click utilities.

All looks good to me and I see nothing to worry about, if you'd like to overclock your ROG Strix 1070 click on " Strix 1070 OC Guide" at the bottom of my post in my signature. 🙂

Your temperatures are fine. As long as it does not go above 90 degrees you shouldn't worry. By the way, you can download GPU Tweak II and run your own custom fan curve.

I am very glad for your guys help, i've tested my GPU, since it have gotten some dust on it, i only swapped my card and some fans, when i got it, so i didn't get all dust out, and I live in a Dorm so dust comes fast 😛
But 3 Heavens Benchmark and i max hitted 62 Degress + Battlefield 3 1920x1080 everything preset Ultra, 59 Degress at the top it seems.

I have runned some games now, and since my room is freaking cold i am guessing 16-19 degress, my card hits around 30-31 idle
Dead by Daylight Ultra: 57
Dota 2 High settings 105 FPS capped 56 Degress
And 5-6 tests in Uengine Heaven Ultra + Extreme 62 Degress, my setup seems fine for now i hope 😛
I just need to clean the dust sometime soon 😜