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Where are you getting your 3080ti or 3090 (strix) at normal prices?

Level 7
For the people who own this models, where are you getting them (not paying inflated prices)? I know about shortage of cards, but this models seems even harder to find than any others... I only can find a remote possibility in newegg shuffle, no other chance around... Let me know, thanks!

kubr0 wrote:
considering that nVidia just announced last Thursday that the shortage will continue throughout the whole year 2022, I think we all got a pretty sweet deal 🙂

happy gaming guys!

Agreed, grab what you can afford now.

You can try on amozone, now there are big discounts in the fall, you can get a good bargain price))

Level 8
just got the TUF 3080 Ti last week for $1899 from Newegg.

3rd shuffle i've been chosen for over quite a few months of entering a couple times a week;
TUF RX 6700 XT, TUF RX 6800, & now finally a nice RTX 3000 that i've been after since last year.
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Level 7
Got my 3080 Ti Strix LC for 2300 Eur. Too bad chip is garbage and have pump gurgling

Level 7
I picked up a 3080 Ti Strix OC for CAD$2400 (USD$1800) in August from Great card.