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What material is used in the 980ti Poseidon block?

Level 7
I am interested in getting the GTX 980Ti Poseidon card for my new custom loop build.

I have tried but was unable to find any info on this: what type of material will be in contact with the liquid?
I am using copper/brass rads and want to make sure that the gpu block has no aluminium.

Level 15

Chino wrote:
The cooling block that makes direct contact with the GPU core is made of copper.


OK, I get that, but I see that the actual pipe is a different colour that the block. I just want to check if that the actual pipe, that comes in contact with the water is copper or aluminium?

Level 14
On this GTX980Ti Poseidon takeapart pic it looks like the heatpipes are all solid copper. The rad fins are obviously aluminum. This type of stamp-brazing is only practical with copper (or copper-based alloy) melded to copper, copper joined to copper-plated aluminum (or copper-plated whatever) would require a different brazing approach which leaves larger fillet stock (and these could not be ground flush without substantially weakening joint integrity). I suspect the heatpipes all use an internally sintered wick structure because of their variable orientations - Asus clearly wanted to push the limits with multi-stage cooler design so I doubt they cheaped out on details which could save small pennies at the cost of major thermal inefficiency. A black surface finish is applied onto the heatpipe metals on some Asus cards, it's probably just a simple carbonic black oxide or black nickle/nichrome electroplating process, the sort of thing you could DIY in the garage.

I haven't actually taken one of these cards apart to see the internals firsthand though.
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