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What GPU Global Setting will help with stuttering?

Level 11
I play the Division 2 game, and since it`s launch 9 months ago, the game has always had some stuttering or jitters. It frustrates the heck out of me because it affects my aim with the mouse. This game always has some kind of problems. It may get Delta crashes, lag, freezes, game mechanic problems. Every time the Devs fixes some bugs, something else breaks.
Any way, my question is; what setting in my GPU settings is supposed to help with stuttering or jitters? I have already tried using the in game settings to fix this but they don`t help.

Level 12
Get DDU and safemode uninstall your graphics drivers with it and then reinstall nvidia latest driver.

Try changing the anisotropic setting from x16 to x8 and see if the issue persists.