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VGA Hotwire tools

Level 7
Hi everyone!

So I have thought about this and now I am thinking about hotwiring my GTX 780 Ti DCUII next month or so. I don't have the user manual for my card so I have no idea if there is any info on how to hotwire the gpu the easiest way possible. So far, I have bought a bunch of 2 pin cables for soldering (will post a picture of them) and I can easily get my hands on a soldering device. Now I would really like to know the easiest way possible to do all the work. I assume that I will only need to solder 2 cables onto the card, 1 for the GPU and the other for OVM, but in addition to that, I believe that the PGR100 and PGR152 resistors must be removed somehow, but I want to know the easiest way possible to remove them. Do I just use the soldering device to remove them or do I have to use some additional tools for that? Other than that, I am using a RIVE motherboard so I should be good to go. Here is a picture of the cables I bought.