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V2.1 4090 STrix Bios update How long is it supposed to take?

Level 7
Well I ran the program monitors flickered status bar green was going several times then at the end it's just the little grey window without any progress bar and a command prompt open and it's just sitting there.. with a flashing prompt?

So what's the deal? If i use GPU z it shows the updated bios. can I force close the prompts? nothing is happening there just sitting there no feedback.

I just force closed the prompts and rebooted now I can see my actual windows loading screen.

Super Moderator
Hello, the update should take roughly 15 to 20 seconds and prompt you when completed. Make sure there are no other applications running in the foreground or 3D applications running when running the update tool. If GPUZ is showing the correct VBIOS then the update must have been completed successfully.
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