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TUF-RTX4070-12G-GAMING does not increase FPS

Level 8

Acquire a TUF-RTX4070-12G-GAMING. When running games like RedDead 2 Online Mode, World of Warships, The Hunter Classic..., the video card does not increase the FPS, the temperature rises above 50ºC and the fan does not turn on, despite the fan turning on the pc startup. GPU Tweak III normally recognizes the graphics card as well as all other related Asus software. I ran OC Scanner in GPU Tweak and the following ERROR is displayed:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\GPUTweakIII\scanner.dll
File: Scanner\ScannerApi.cpp
Expression: voltage == 0
For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts.

All software up to date and Windows 10 x64.

Power Supply: Gigabyte 850 Gold

Motherboard: ROG X570 F GAMING

Processor: R7 3800X

RAM: Geil 3200MHZ, 32GB

M.2: 500GB / 2TB