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TUF 4070Ti OC Hotspot temp 20ºC delta after 2 months , before it was 12ºC

Level 8

Here with ASUS TUF 4070Ti OC after 2 months of use HOTSPOT increased like 8ºC from yestarday...nothing has changed everything the same.
I had delta of 12ºC between GPU Core and Hotspot until yestarday that I have now 20ºC delta.

I tested same test like before that I have screenshots for example Firestrike strest test now it got 19ºC delta and just 6 days ago I tested it again and it was 14ºC delta, so there it can see 5ºC increased but games that was 12ºC delta now they are 20ºC so here are 8ºC increase.....

What it can be the reason ? Almost forgot, I have the GPU holder installed that coming with the card. So GPU it is not sagging


Level 10

Do these cards use pads or putty on the VRAM and VRMS?
All I can think is under heavy use, if the putty is more viscous it could have maybe pumped a little or even bubbled. I remember when I reworked my laptop, the blue goop they used seemed to have boiled and it looked more like a spider web, there were massive air pockets.

It's possible it could be that, mild warping, poor mounting or a host of other things. With how a lot of warranties work, you'll void it trying to check it out. If you're somewhere you can do repair work yourself and you're confident, I'd suggest cleaning it all up and starting again, use Upsiren UX pro Ultra on the VRAM/VRMS. Daft name but it's a thermal putty that's more clay like so less chance of pump or boil. Some tests saw it around on par with EVGA putty, you could buy that instead but you need to talk to EVGA directly these days. Probably Kryonaut Extreme or Kingpin KPX on the core itself. If after that it's still having a 20c delta maybe RMA it if it concerns you.

Level 8

Now after a week seems that starting to reducing the delta ... it is very strange, still higher than the first day but definitly not 20C delta like when I created the post.  Somewhere in the middle, like 16C delta ...I dont understand why this behaviour