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Tuf 3080 10gb - Hotspot temp and fans ramping up.

Level 7
My card recently started ramping its fans to 100% during renders and gaming. Not seen this behavior since i got the gpu.
Checked temp in HWinfo, despite gpu temp not exceeding 65 deg the fans would go to 100% after a few seconds. Wont matter what fan profile i set.
HWinfo also shows hotspot going to 106 in just 2-3 seconds.

During a render the fans ramp up and down, no matter what fan curve i set.

I also physically checked the card, all fans spinning, no dust. Cleaned and reinstalled drivers just to be sure.
Installed the card into another pc, and same issue.

Any advise?

Level 13
Power down your PC. Remove the main plug connected to your PSU. Next, remove your GPU and resit again. Connect main power source back and turn on your PC if it still happened.