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Trying to OC my ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti, can't get past 1770Mhz Core (+125) without FurMark crashing.

Level 7

I'm having a lot of trouble maintaining a stable overclock on my ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti.

Everywhere I look, people are saying any RTX 2080 Ti should be able to hit 2000MHz no problem. But I just can't get close. I'm topping off at ~1700MHz.

I read through this thread on reddit for some baselines:

And this is what people are reporting:

"+175 core (on top of the factory OC) and +760 on the memory."
"Evga XC Ultra +165 core/+700mem, tops out about 70°C."
"+250 MHz and +775 memory with a max boost of 2075 MHz (Asus Turbo which I assume is reference clock)."
"Here’s my stable OC numbers under full load at 65c. Core clock: +115 (2070) Memory Clock: +720 (7720)"

Here are my settings that seem to be stable (FurMark hasn't crashed yet, crossing my fingers):












As you can see the GPU core is super dissapointing.
I really want to reach ~2000Mhz, but it just doesn't seem feasible at all.

Current numbers:

GPU: 1695MHz-1710MHz (+115)
MEM: 7699MHz (+700)
VOLT: 825-831mV (+100)

Temps are topping out at 75-79c, and the above values are stable.

Fan speed profile is set to a very aggressive curve (and the fans are loud as hell) :

















I'm moderately happy about my memory overclock, but is there anything else I can do to push my GPU Core Clock higher and maintain stability?

Could really use some help!

Many thanks in advance!