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Triple sreeen setup 2K @ 144hz

Level 7
Hi there. I have a Asus Rog Strix 2080TI and want to connect it to a triple screen setup. The card have 2 DisplayPorts*1.4, 2 HDMIs 1.2 and a USB-C interface. All 3 monitors are Acer’s Predator that reaches up to 144hz through DisplayPort.*I'd set the triple screen*connecting 2 monitors @ the DisplayPorts and the other one @ the USB-C port (I’m using a MOSHOU type C to DP cable for it). The problem is that the USB-C interface is limiting the frequency to*24Hz so,*when I enable surround, it’s also limited*to 24Hz.*Everything*I’ve*read*so far*says*that the USB-C port is the same of a DP port but the connector that have a different shape.*Can someone help me on that please? What I want is to use my card to enable surround, using the 3 screens @ 2K 144hz.
Tks in advance.