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The GPU with the actual best bang for your buck

Level 7

For a while now there has been talk of the 3060 Ti having the best price to performance ratio. At MSRP that's technically true, though at Amazon prices the 3070 actually holds that title at the moment, offering 13-15% more performance while only costing 10% ($46) more. As long as you're flexible on the model, of course (MSI Ventus 2x).

But I always thought that that logic was a little strange. Graphics cards aren't floating in the air, ready to pump visuals into your imagination all by themselves after you come home from work.

No, you need a PC for that. And if you already need a PC for work anyway, and gaming will just be a casual hobby, then that logic makes sense.

But if gaming is your hobby and you want to build a PC specifically for it... not so much.