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Strix White 4090 RGB no longer works with Armory Crate as of recent windows update, light is white?

Level 8

Subject basically explains it all, recent windows update came through and suddenly my 4090 RGB is stuck on white, only the end and some of the text on it are stuck on white though, there's a small part that still syncs.
It's a brand new 4090 been used for like 2 days -
Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue, or had experienced before?


Level 8

I have Asus 4080 super white, the cage and RGB should be exact same as your 4090, I just did some new updates in windows 10 as well, RGB runs fine and normal on my end, nothing changed, are you on windows 10 or 11 ? try fully uninstall your Armoury Crate and reinstall with latest version ?

Level 8

I'm on windows 10, I have tried to uninstall Armor crate fully and properly, I have done basically every typical troubleshooting one could do. I noticed a lot of other gpu's have specific RGB drivers I might try to install 4080 if they have it and see if it works, idk I've tried what feels like everything it still wont switch off of white

In Armoury Crate, have you updated everything in the Setting > Update Center ? and there is a Reset button under GPU section in Armoury Crate, have you tried that ? also do you have other softwares that take part on RGB ? like Corsair iCue ? if not, then you can try reset your GPU's RGB by uninstall Armoury Crate, shut down your PC, unplug your PSU, unplug the 12VHPWR cable from your GPU, leave it for 5mins, then plug everything back and turn your PC on and see if it works.....


I appreciate the time you've taken to help me, there doesnt seem to be an easy fix for me here. Hopefully I can fix it some day or, better yet i hope it will just resolve itself

Level 10

I suggest to uninstall the terrible Armory software and use "Open RGB".
"Open RGB" even works portable and stores the RGB even if start and shutdown.
There is a list of working parts on the "Open-RGB" Homepage.
In my case everything works well beside the G.Skill Ram (profile revert to rainbow after shutdown).
I had to install the Beta-Version to get ASUS 4090 OC RBG to work prop.