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Strix GTX 1080 Ti OC Ambient Temperature

Level 10

Being busy since i've got my Strix, playtime was cut to a minimum.
Today, I played for about 2 hours and noticed hwinfo showing GPU Ambient Temperature with a max of 87 deg. Celsius.
This is while CPU max was 65 and GPU 68 deg. Celsius.
Room temperature ~ 22 deg. Celsius

Isn't the reported temperature a bit high? Might be a faulty sensor? Or wrong reading on behalf of hwinfo?
I could not find such a sensor in Asus GPU Tweak It II.
GPU running at Gaming Mode using Asus GPU Tweak It II.
CPU at 4.7 Ghz.


Thank you

Level 7
Not seen that before, personally I wouldn't worry about that ambient temp I would just go off the gpu temp as the rule of thumb. the highest mine has ever got to under load is 60 degrees Celsius and even then the fans still hadn't kicked in to full speed. Just keep an eye on it but I wouldn't worry too much.

Level 15
I wouldn't trust that reading for ambient temperature anyways. If you want to know your ambient temperature, use a thermostat.

Level 10
I asked the same question in hwinfo forum and Martin, the developer, suggested the sensor might actually be GPU VRM temperature.
If in fact it is the VRM temperature, 87 deg. Celsius is OK for this board? As far as I know, the max. temperature for good VRM mosfet is about 150 deg. Celsius.
Anyone with this model can reply with their temperatures for the sensor in question please?

Later edit: it seems that the sensor shows VRM temperatures indeed.
More info:,9.html