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Strix GTX 1060 - Crash while installing drivers

Level 7

I need some help. I've been in the process of setting up a new system for the whole day. Everything works but as soon as I try to install the drivers for the video card the system crashes. The screen gets full of black and white strips and then the computer reboots. Afterwards it keeps crashing during boot so I have to recover from a backup.

I tried the drivers:

- delivered with the card
- the one from windows update
- the latest (384.94) from NVIDIA

but nothing works. What ever I do, as soon as I install the drivers for the card, the system crashes.

Is there someone having an idea what could help or what could be the cause for this?



Hi dialsc

Try doing a custom (advanced) install and uncheck everything except the graphics driver and physx driver, then check the only box that says perform a clean installation.

Does this help ?

Hi PMNate152,

I tried that but unfortunately without any success. The problem is still the same, the system shows a weird screen during the installation of the driver and then the screens goes black. This is how it looks:


Maybe this helps: The first time this happend was after I had installed the drivers from the support CD which came with the card which is a STRIX-GTX1060-06G-GAMING. I installed from the CD, rebooted, everything went fine. Maybe 30 to 60 minutes laters, during a system scan done by the anty virus software, such a "crash" happend and since then I'm facing this problem.

Right now the system has been reinstalled completely but the problem still remains. Could it be that the card has somehow died?

Thank you

It's kind of looking like you have a faulty gpu.

You could try with another pcie power cable and/or another monitor cable.

Hi Nate152,

I just had a call with ASUS support and was told to get the card replaced because it seems to be a hardware problem -> faulty GPU, just as you guessed.

I will come back to this thread if the problem still exists with the new card. Fingers crossed I don't have to... 😉

Thanks a lot!