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strix 980 HDMI problem

Level 7
I just purchased a strix 980 and I can't get a signal from the HDMI port.

I want to connect it to my 2nd samsung 2443bw monitor, which only has an vga and dvi input.
So I use an hdmi-dvi cable, which does work when coming from my xbox360 or motherboard's backplate(4770k).
I also tried an hdmi-hdmi kabel from the 980 to my 4k monitor which also doesn't me give any signal.
Connecting the 4k monitor through a dp-minidp cable works fine and the dvi-dvi to the samsung monitor also works just fine.

I could try to get a dp-dvi cable since the dp ports do work, but I might want to hook up a tv through hdmi in the future.

My 980 had this bios 84.04.2f.00.4b and I updated it to, take from the asus website.
I also tried different drivers: 344.16, 344.48, 347.88, 350.12.

This is my setup:
hero VI
gskill tridentx 2400Mhz 16GB
samsung evo 840
corsair 860i
dell 2715q
2x samsung 2443bw
windows 8.1 x64

It seems that I received a 980 with a faulty hdmi port. Unless there is some bios or driver out there that would solve it I missed.
Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Level 15
When you were conducting your tests, did you have the other Samsung monitor connected? If so, try disconnecting it. Then only connect the HDMI cable to one of the monitor.

Also have you tested the HDMI cable on another system?

Thanks for your reply. I tried to hook up just one monitor and several, while booting and while in windows. Also tried the hdmi cables coming from my xbox360 and then they work just fine. Guess I'll RMA the 980 tomorrow