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Strix 4090 Flickering - LG C3

Level 7

I've had a random screen flickering issue ever since installing this card. I had the 3090 FE before this and never had any issues. I've tried numerous HDMI 2.1 certified cables but that doesn't resolve it. I've tried completely re-installing Windows, no luck. I thought maybe it was because I had multiple displays of different resolutions and Hz levels, but nope. The problem still occurs. A reboot will fix it, but it will resurface after a week or so.

I have found that what does resolve it is by disabling VRR/Gsync on my LG C3 display, and then re-enabling it. So it seems as though this display and the Strix 4090 don't play nice together. It seems like the Gsync handshake is failing at some point, maybe when the display goes to sleep or something, I don't know.


Level 10

Hi volostyle
I would use a DisplayPort cable certified DP 1.4 to connect. HDMI 2.1 and a possible not HDMI 2.1 certified cable could cause these kind of problems.
DisplayPort cables are more effective, stable and more "native".
Hope I could help 🙂