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Strix 3090 White LEDs on PCB above power are not on

Level 7

I noticed today that my White LED power indicator light on my Strix 3090 OC are not on anymore.  They use to be on all the time, even when the system if off, as long as the power supply is on.   The GPU is working, because I have video.  The Red LED will come on if one of the PCIE cables is disconnected, so I know at least those LEDs work.   I find it unusually that all three White LEDs will not turn on. 

Does anyone know why they are off and will not come on?   I have changed PCIE cables and even removed my Cablemod extensions and still no change.  

My PSU is a ROG Thor 1200w so I know there is enough power.  I have it installed into an ROG Crosshair VIII Hero with a Ryzen 5900x and 32 gb of G.Skill Neo Memory.  

Thanks in advance for any help or advise.