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Strix 3080 Coil Buzz

Level 7
Hey all. Recently won a 3080 Strix White from the Shuffle. Loving it so far except that it buzzes at high loads. I heard that fan issues were common with these, but it appears mine is not the fan because the buzzing does not occur at no load and 100% fan speed (set manually in afterburner)

When I set the voltage to +0 and power limit to about 80%, the buzzing noise is somewhat lessened.

My PSU is a 1200w SuperFlower Leadex Platinum. I have heard that sometimes certain PSU and GPU combinations can cause more severe coil whine than others, and I am going to try an 850w SeaSonic and see if it changes at all. Note that i had an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 with the SuperFlower PSU previously and it had no coil whine at all.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Level 7
is normal