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Strix 2080Ti OG XOC -with VF curve disabled, how to set/lock voltage?? ROG Team HELP!

Level 7
Hi tweakers, hoping someone with experience pushing 2080ti OC can help 🙂 PLEAAAAAAASE!!!!
Getting dirty, setting some very nice records with an amazing sample, hold 3DMark 8xxxU+2080ti (eGPU), i7-940/i7-965/i7-4790K and now 8700K+Stock Cooled 2080ti records already. Sitting at no.2 HWBOT 2080Ti Stock Cooled. My user link below if u care enough 😉
From stock, I (may) have first gone to White edition 360W, Matrix as an alternate, apart from the stock boost settings they have same 360W power and 1.093V limits, and have working VF curves that can be tweaked in GPUTweak/MSI Afterburner/PrecisionX1 no problem.
The 360W limit is better, but not perfect as 3DMark TS will draw 415/420 if you let it - and the card is more than happy to provide that, given the components it is built with, proved reliably in testing by others with shunt mods or cross flashes.
I don't want to physically modify the card AT ALL, soldering stuff is way beyond my pay grade, especially since other manufacturers with lesser quality board components provide higher limit VBIOS with no issues at all.
The XOC 1000W (replaces 600W) BIOS has no VF curve support and, whilst it says it has same voltage limits, it actually tops out at 1.087V NOT 1.093V.
Might not seem important, but for me on stock BIOS (before pwr limit kicks in) thats the difference between 2190 and 2175 (yes, mine is really that good!), and that's why despite the weeks of work and repasting and big fans and 57 run lines in the txt file on my desktop, my card is only no.2 2080ti stock cooled in the world on Port Royal, not no.1, whilst sitting outdoors at 7°C at 6am.
So, I can have power OR voltage with Asus BIOS, not both. My OCD is not coping well, and I'm tired of freezing my butt off in the doorway at weird hours for this.:(

So, for anyone out there actually doing this stuff, how do you get voltage up to 1.093, or 1.1, on ASUS Strix 2080ti cards while using the XOC BIOS? EVGA of course has Classified tool for cards on KingPIn BIOS.. Other cards have higher voltage limit at same time as higher power (all i need is 1.093 or (maybe) at most 1.118 V !!!)
Is shunting/vmodding the card the only way to go?

There are a few BIOS out there in the wild that will do this for me. I may or may not have guven them a shake already. I may very know what my card is really capable of, but I REALLY WANT TO DO IT WITH 100% ASUS FIRMWARE!
These cards are, apart from a couple of crazy XOC-designed exceptions, hands down the fastest, quietest AND were also the most expensive cards a lot of good money can buy. And with a great sample like mine, they're capable of the best results in the right hands (25 years of OC experience, just came out of OC retirement!...)
There's simply too much performance being left on the table here by over-zealous locked down software.
PLEASE someone help me, or put me in touch with someone who can, outside or inside ASUS. DM if preferred. After this post, unless ASUS/ROG are interested in my talking about it, I won't mention this naughty naughty stuff again publicly.
As soon as I nail NO.1 stock cooled slot it's going under water, then ice water/chiller, and it will go all the way on to LN2. This sample deserves it, and I have just the right level of persistence and experience to match it 😄

I'd love to stay with team ROG, im PROUD that GPU-Z identifies my card as an ASUS and WANT to keep it that way, but if I can't get satisfaction here I will get my satisfaction, and my future records, representing a company that doesn't treat me like a child after taking 1500 from me. Other options exist 🙂

Thanks :o:cool:

L0wPull 😛

How u can put a STRIX name and ROG badges on a product and leave ppl with wobbly clocks is beyond me. THAT is costing me the current hwbot low clock competition best for 8700K. And my OCD?? OFF THE SCALE!!! I have records you can see on an old P6TDeluxOCP. Even that I can work with better. For heaven's sake @asus WT actual F?!?! Just spent £60 on a very probably dead Maximus XI Formula on ebay which I'm going to try and repair with my tweezers, trusty iron etc, despite being old and not seeing too well any more close up, just to try and fix this issue. 'cause apparently over at Asus only by spending 700 on a mobo can you get the option to disable SS. Bollocks!