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Strix 2080ti OC won't recognize ext fan

Level 7
I've connected one or two PWM fans to the front of the card, but in the (latest) GPUTweak II, the "calibrate" in "external fan/user defined" does not do anything other than flash the card's leds, and after 20 secs or so says "failed". Do I have a hardware problem, or is there something more I have to do?

The ports seem to be working, because I can set a manual speed. But nothing seems to happen in temp-controlled "user defined" no matter how I set it. I do have "ext fan" enabled in the list.

Also don't see how to save my Tweak setup to survive reboot; when I make a new set of values and hit "apply", the settings just switch back to default, unlike my earlier version of GPUT II - can't find a tutorial with complete info.