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Strix 2080 Ti OC Firestrike graphics score?

Level 7
I am a little disappointed of my Zotac 2080 Ti Amp. I bought it because it was cheaper and - most importantly - available. I am using it for VR, but also for 1080p ultra-wide gaming on a 166Hz G-Sync display. I am getting a Firestrike 1080p graphics score of a little above 38.000, which is only about 50% higher than my previous GTX 1080.

Does the Strix overclock better due to its superior cooling and higher max power target? I know from a review by JayzTwoCents that the EVGA FTW3 can reach >40.000 points with its stock air cooler. Is the non-modded Strix OC also able to beat this mark if you overclock it further?

I am particularly disappointed of the Zotac's back plate not making contact to anything on the PCB. It even has a hole where the chip sits, so you can't put any thermal pads there. Also it seems you need 3 mm pads for this card, which makes such a mod rather expensive (like 50 bucks for pads in total, if you cover any VRMs and memory chips).

Does anyone know why Zotac puts a hole in the back plate where the chip sits? Does not make any good sense to me. :confused: