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Strix 1080 - worst cooler ever!

Level 7
Hi Asus,

i have no idear why you change from the beste VGA-Cooler on the marked (DC-II) to the worst cooler on the market (DC-III).

Yesterday i get 2 Strix 1080 OC cards, and to be hornest, that cooler is so bad, it is unbelivable that you release such a product!
This is not your first graficcard, you did them since many years!

So, what is the reason to release this cooler?

It is hot as hell, and - realy unbelivable loud. I mean, 70°C, 2000 RPM and i think i am in an plane!

I all so have my hand on a Aorus, which boosts higher and - suprise: nearly unhearable under full load!

I bought Asus-Graficcards since years, last gen i go for a GTX980Ti Matrix because you release this crappy cooler on your cards and the Matrix has the good DC-II.
But with this generation, you decide not to release a DC-II-Card... I mean, what do you think?!? Nobody will notice that the Strix-Cooler is the worst cooler on the marked?!? Do you think we are stupied?!?

Think about it, take it as feedback - and for the next cooler-release (because i think you dont know it):
- a cooler has to be "cool"
- a cooler has to be quite
DC-III did it the different way: "hot" and loud...

Asus, thats not a good way!*

Level 7
"I am right and you are wrong."
What is your problem mate? What do you want to achieve? What should happen if Asus tries a research with 100 people and 70 of them say "Cooler is nice" and 30 do not?

You might have an opinion in democracy but you must not tell it to everybody. And if you were some kind of a grown up you would also be fair to RESPECT other people who disagree with you.

"Fanboy-Blabla" is such a rude language and proofs you are resistant to any form of counseling.

Now I am curious if you really "leave the thread as it is"

# whataboutism

P.S. little known FACT (and you like facts) is: the stock cooler from Nvidia Founders Edition is worse so your topic is wrong and a luris headline
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Level 7
i am running an sli ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 setup. initially one of the cards is having temperature problems (86'c and almost 100% fan speed) when gaming or benchmarking. what i did was to reapply thermal paste to that card. problem solved. both are running quiet as a whisper now even when gaming.

Maybe we could ask from you a video of your problem? might be a problem with one of the fans in your Strix 1080?

a video would be nice so we can be of help to you in troubleshooting your problem 🙂