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Strix 1070-O8G Aura RGB lightning issue

Level 7
Hi all. I have some problem with my STRIX 1070.

Do the Aura RGB lightning on STRIX GPU always reset to default setting (Strobing Red) when the computer is restarted/shut down? Or is it just me who's having the problem? By the way, I did not switch off the PSU.

Hi danzzal

It should keep your settings.

Make sure you're clicking apply in Aura.

The latest version of Aura is give this a try, select your operating system and click utilities, it's the 6th one down.

Nope it doesn't work 😞

Level 13
My machine is down at the minute for a rework adding total Liquid cooling. Ill double check settings when I get it back up but that will Probably be Sunday.

So you tried uninstalling, deleting the old folder and reinstalling the latest version?

Ive not had any issue with mine no matter whether I cycle power completely off or not. It always go back to where I left it. Im fairly sure there is a setting to keep settings on reboot but cant double check it ATM. If you havent resolved it by the time Im back up and running Ill have a look

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I just found out the "Special Effects" such as GPU Temperature setting doesn't stick. It will always goes back to the last "Light effects" settings. The other light effects do work like normal and sticks even when I restart. Is this normal?