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Staining on GTX 1070 Strix PCB

Level 7

I have a gtx 1070 Strix that I purchased around 1 year old so I decided to change my thermal paste on die. When opening the card for first time (tampering seals were still intact) I noticed some staining on the PCB. The staining was on both sides of the card and in areas where there were no thermal pads. I originally thought it was due to grease from thermal pads but the fact that backplate also has this staining seems to suggest otherwise. Is this a defect and is my card about to die? Is this something I should consider RMAing?

There should be no water damage as nothing has been spilled on the card.

Pictures of staining:

Sometimes there is flux residue on boards. If the card is functioning I don't think I'd worry about it.
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Well thats a relief, my card OCs really well so am happy to keep it.