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Second GPU (Bottom One) Running hotter than top GPU (STRIX ROG GTX 1070) SLI

Level 7
Hi all, just out of curiosity has anyone else had their second GPU (bottom SLI slot) start showing hotter than normal temps? I have two STRIX ROG GTX 1070's and they usually run at the following temps at idle or doing anything else bar gaming.

Top GPU: 54c 15% fan usage cutting in and out from time to time.
Bottom GPU: Never breaks 40c (usually 37-38) no fan usage

I'm wondering if something is wrong with my card or if something else may be using the second card. GPU usage is showing 0-3% which seems like a lot for Windows doing nothing.... I've done full malware scans using Malwarebytes and Windows defender and can't find anything in Task Manager apart from the two listed below that are using GPU resources.

Client Server Runtime Process

Desktop Windows Manager

I feel as though Windows or something may be at fault but I can't pinpoint it. If anyone else has noticed something similar I'd love to hear back. The next step is to switch the position of the cards but I don't feel like opening the case and doing so just yet.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers.
My build is spotless (no dust)
No airflow issues
No hardware configurations have taken place prior to the temp increase, thus I suspect it may be software related.

Because I always get asked, here is a link to the mini screen setup I'm using on this build:

I've also tried disabling fans totally to see how far the temps go with my PC at idle and they creep up to the below figures in about 3-5 minutes with 0% load.

Top GPU: 70c
Bottom GPU: 67c

Meanwhile my water cooled CPU sits at 35c

Note: My room is airconditioned at 25c

Thanks in advance.