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Rtx Super 2070 Very low FPS

Level 7
Hi, everybody
Yesterday I bought a Rog Super RTX 2070. I have problems with all the games. I always stay low with FPS (30-40).

I used to have a GTX 1070 and I played very well.

Ryzer 3700x,
16 DDR4 3200
Motherboard Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA.
ROG SWIFT PG279Q ROG monitor
Case MasterCase H500M
How to power a 1000 Watt "old man" Hyper

Another thing I noticed the temperature of the board. Immediately 80 degrees

Installed the latest Nvidia drivers

Level 10
Maybe it's another driver that needs an update.

I wouldn't know what to bring up to date. Bios updated

Level 10
Yeah, usually when you install a new graphics card all you need to do is update the video driver. However, if for some reason your system was not running the best drivers or something like that it could be that something that is more taxing might push your system over the limit.

Your chipset driver might be where something like that would do it. I'd go to your motherboard support page and see if there are any newer drivers you could install. I'd install and run the Intel Driver & Support app.

Another thing to check is your in game settings and think about reducing them. Sometimes GeForce Experience can "optimize" your settings automatically, but they might put too much demand on your system. Some settings can really tax your system and force it to throttle--which is probably what is happening in your system.

Thanks for your answer. But as I wrote before I have all the drivers updated 🙂

The problem is that I can't have these FPS problems so low with the same settings I used for the GTX1070

what games, some have shaders that must be deleted in order to be updated to your card and no your old 1070 is not the same as rtx 2070 super. A delete the game and fresh install is one way to doing this (easy way), the other way needs you to specifically list each game and then find right files delete them and then install / invoke the game to install the right shaders.

Your monitor should be running 165hz
Your graphics should be g-sync on for at least full screen and using full screen in games, not windowed mode unless you override with g-sync on for everything (which either way is fine).
Some games your better off with v-sync on or off with g-sync

When you installed new drivers for nvidia card, you should have used custom mode and click clean install, if you have not done this then you need to reinstall them in this manner or use DDU in safemode to fully uninstall and then default reinstall the drivers.

Hope you find this of help.

palke wrote:
Thanks for your answer. But as I wrote before I have all the drivers updated 🙂

The problem is that I can't have these FPS problems so low with the same settings I used for the GTX1070

Low FPS problems are often because your system is throttling itself, due to some problem that is overtaxing it. Are your FPS problems right from the get go?

Good to know your drivers are all up to date, but there might be a driver in the works for you (not sure though). In my case very recently I was getting sudden restarts until Asus released a new chipset driver--which solved the problem. This was with a rig with 2080s in it. I was also having no problems running the same game on an older rig with 1070s in it (two in SLI). Also, the same new rig was crashing prior to this on the release of a new game patch (Wow 8.3) that a Windows reinstall fixed (reinstall via Windows refresh tool).

Also, you are having a temperature issue--you mentioned 80 degrees. Is that the temperature of your north bridge or something like that? What are your CPU and GPU temperatures like? Your new card might be structurally different vs your older card. Some cards, like the Asus Turbo cards push heat out the back of your rig, while other ones dump heat into your case. If you are having a heat issue, there are lots of things you can do.