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RTX 4090 - TUF OC & cable question

Level 7

I recently purchased the 4090 and have seen all the melting topics. I have an EVGA suprernova 1000w G3 80+ gold PSU. It has 2 vga/pcie cables that split into two 8pins (essentially 4, 8 pin connectors). I see the 4090 comes with the adapter that has 4 plugs that feeds into the 16 pin. Am I okay to use the vga/pcie that I have or do I need to buy 4 single cables to connect should I buy the Corsair 600W PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR Type-4 PSU Power Cable, Thanks!

Level 7
Did you look into your PSÜI box/package to see if you don't have a third cable there? It should be fine if you use the 2 you have with both ends on each but I find it weird that a 1000w PSU doesn't come with at least 3 cables with 2 connectors each. Mine is a Corsair RM1000x (2021 model) and it came with 3 connectors, so I'm using 2 without the split ends and 1 with both ends connected to the adapter. I ordered a 4x8-pin to 12vhpwr from cablemod for aesthetics and easier cable management but I haven't used it yet.

For what is worth, the melting issue turned out to be almost 100% sure user error by not connecting the adapter fully into the card's socket. If you don't have much experience, just make sure that yours is fully plugged in. If you want to use another cable, you need to make sure the cable you order works with your PSU brand. They are not universal, although some brands can work with each other.

Go into cablemod or other cable supplier and their sites have compatiblity info that will show you which ones you need for your PSU brand and model.

i got the card and plugged in the two cables with the 2 splits. it works but of course there's coil whine...

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I have the same card and despite what some have said, the coil whine is the card and not the PSU, although on the subject of the PSU for me personally i have 4 separate PCIE cables connected to the adaptor. I have the Corsair HX1000 PSU.

As for coil whine, i have found that its at its worst when its spitting out very high frame rates. For example if i leave it unlimited, i get close to 900 fps in the menu screens of Destiny 2, although the figure fluctuates quite wildly, but the coil whine is bad. when I load into a destination, that frame rate drops and so does the coil whine, therefore i have set an FPS limit of 240 (an arbitrary figure, no thought has gone into it) and the coil whine is barely audible over the noise of system and CPU fans.

Asus "support" told me to buy a new sound proof case, limit FPS, underclock GPU or limit frames... horrible suggestions.

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1) PSUs produce their own coil whine. How much depends on the quality, type, specs, and size of the components used.

2) The graphics card also produces some coil whine. Again, how much depends on the quality, type, specs, and size of the components used.

3) Interaction between the PSU and graphics card can result in louder coil whine.

4) Coil whine is related to frequency and current.

5) Rapid changes in current demands (such as rapid load modulation when transitioning from low power state) is a major contributor to piezoelectric noise (some capacitor types are more prone to this).

6) As ripple frequency and other sources of power related noise can impact the level of coil whine, some combinations of psu and graphics cards may exhibit more noise than others. For a vendor, it is very difficult to account for all permutations because cost is a factor if you want to increase resilience to coil whine. There is only so much a vendor will or can do.

7) As current plays a part, the amount of audible whine will vary from system to system.
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