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RTX 4080 Strix - Does it have the new 12V 2x6 connector?

Level 8

I just built a top-end PC that had 6,000 dollars worth of components (not counting the monitor) but could not get the Strix 4090, so I bought the 4080 Strix from B&H for 1400 bucks the second week in December 2023.  What are the chances that the infamous 12VHPWR connector was replaced with the updated 12V 2x6 connector?  How can I tell?  I can't tell by looking at it.  It had no markings like H++ or anything else that I heard was marked on the new connectors.  But I heard last summer that Nvidia and its partners were silently updating all 4080 and 4090 GPUs to the new standard 12V 2x6.  I sure would be happy knowing mine was updated.  I built with the new ASUS Dark Hero z790 motherboard, Corsair Shift 1200W PSU and i914900K.  


Level 7

Very good question.  Personally I will wait for the cards with the new 12V 2x6 connector. 

Level 8

Nate, yes, I am of course aware of the 4080's public specs.  However, Tom's ran an article about Nvidia and its partners "quietly" upgrading all the 4080 and 4090 cards to the 12 2x6, which is a 16-pin connector, just like before.  I bought my card in Dec, about 3 weeks before the 4080 was discontinued before the 4080 Super comes out next week.  Anyway, I think it has the new connector, I'm just not sure because it is not marked.  


I see, I removed my above post because I found something out.

The new 2x6-pin pcie power connector is backwards compatible. Meaning, you can use a 12VHPWR cable with a 2x6-pin pcie power connector, this could be why it is being done quietly. Even if your ROG Strix RTX 4090 has the new 2x6-pin pcie power connector, the pcie power adapter it comes with remains unchanged.

So, it's basically the same connector, with the new 2x6 pin power connector having shorter sense pins for better reliability.


Nate, I know it is backwards compatible, but having the new 12V 2x6 connector is a big deal and the disastrous 12VHPWR connector is thankfully a thing of the past.  I just want to know if that connector is on that card, and I can't tell by looking at it, and NVidia and ASUS aren't saying.   I bought the 4080 STRIX very late in the cycle, do it probably has it.  Thanks.