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Rtx 4080 asus tuf problem RMA

Level 7

Hello, I have a problem with the ASUS RTX 4080 tuf graphics card, namely the card reaches high hot spot temperatures of 100/110 degrees, the card was sent on January 13 to Asus in the Czech Republic in Ostrava and no fault was found there, which is absurd because the card came back today and the high hotspot is still there 100/110, please help me in this matter.


Level 10

No fault was found because there is no fault at all.

110ºC hotspot is on specs, YES is very high temperature but is on specs from Nvidia and they will not see that as a fault

At 110ºC it will throttle and lower frequency, but still on specs, this is on you if you want to make it better, open the card and change thermal paste.