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RTX 3090 blank screen

Level 7

Hey there!

About 3 weeks ago, I made the mistake to trust Armoury Crate when it told me it had a firmware update for my Asus Geforce RTX 3090. I let it do it and since then, I get a blank screen (DP monitor) up until windows login and sometimes only after login (auto login through face recognition, no need for screen). Impossible to get into UEFI. I have to plug an HDMI screen to see the POST.

Well, I just installed my new rig yesterday, Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero and an Intel I9 14900KF. Went through hell to get windows installed, as no signal on DP monitor, had to use a HDMI old monitor,  it was missing the network drivers blablabla so no windows 11 install unless you know the console trick to bypass network check, but then ok, I got it installed.

But still, no screen, or very very seldom, maybe once in 30 boots, no POST or anything before windows login.

Heading to Nvidia, they have a firmware fix for it:
NVIDIA GPU Firmware Update Tool for DisplayID | NVIDIA (
RTX 3090 Ti - No display UEFI/BIOS - | NVIDIA GeForce Forums

But both tools detect my graphic card, but both say update not required.

So, what did Armoury Crate install as the latest update and can you provide a rollback please??