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RTX 3080 Left/Right fan noise and fan curve help

Level 8
Hi guys, I'm an owner of a 3080 Strix OC.

Whenever I'm in game (any game) the left and right fans start spinning very loudly. Neither GPU-Z nor GPU Tweak II can tell me whats the RPM on them, whilst they both say that the mid fan is spinning at 1000RPM. According to MSI Afterburner, all fans are spinning at 53% but I am pretty sure that the left and right fans are spinning faster.

I know that fan speed is tied to the GPU power draw but I think it's possible to set a fan curve on Afterburner now. Are you guys experiencing noisy fans whilst gaming? I remember that at some point the GPU was very quiet during gaming and then after a few nvidia updates and various bios updates I was back to where I am. Also, if you have managed to set a fan curve that keeps the GPU quiet during gaming can you share it with me?

Any support is appreciated. Thanks!

Level 8
As a follow up, I have used GPU Tweak III and that's what I get:

It looks like the left/right fans are not controllable. Is this something that you guys have experienced or normal at all?

EDIT: on Afterburner, I just tried to set the Fan 1 first and Fan 2 afterwards at 0 speed till 60 degrees and I have noticed that on both cases, the only fan that stops is the middle one. So Afterburner doesn't seem to be able to control left/right at all.