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RTX 3000 series texture flickering issues

Level 7

I have issues with the texture flickering in various games on STRIX RTX 3000 cards. I've tried at least 10 drivers (Some of them were removed with Display driver uninstaller) Tested 5 different screens - 2x AW3423DW - HDMI, DP // Acer Predator X34p - HDMI, DP // LG Nanocell 55 - HDMI // Lenovo M14 - USB-C to DP. Result was the same on all of them, RBar ON/OFF, HAGS ON/OFF, GSYNC ON/OFF, stock & overclocked GPU, XMP on/off, base CPU clock, updated BIOS of motherboard and the GPU and also two versions of windows (10,11). With my previous configuration which was - i7 9700K, 32GB DDR4, ASUS Tuf Z390G, Strix 2080Ti was everything just fine. Issues started when I bought the 3080Ti - sent the card to ASUS for RMA, ASUS sent it back claiming the card is fine so I bought 3090 - same issue. I've even completely rebuilt my PC with new components - i5 13600KF, 32GB DDR5, Asus B660-G and new SSD drives. - Still the same issue. I've also tried to run my PC without any peripherals or anything else, just the base - MB,CPU,GPU,RAM,PSU and CPU cooler - Same issue. GPUs were connected with three separate cables to 850W Corsair PSU and for the test I borrowed another 850W PSU - same issue.

For example, GTA V sky flickers like crazy during sunny weather. In San Andreas sometimes the whole screen flickers slightly during night. In Tom Clancy's Wildlands flickering occurs very rarely in the darkness, NFS Unbound minimap flickers in some occasions, Skyrim's nightsky flickers quite a bit, Forza Horizon's checkpoints and dashboard gauges flicker all the time. Zero flickers in windows. I've noticed that if I limit my framerate to 30 fps, the flickering is super obvious and much slower. When the framerate is unlocked, flickering is really fast and less noticeable.

I've tried many tips from around the internet but no luck. Never had this type of issue with my previous Martix or Strix cards during many years with ASUS.

Do you guys have any tips or should I just give up?
I'm really desperate since I've wasted so much time and money trying to figure out what's the issue...

Thank you

Level 10
My guess would be with the monitor since you replaced every other component. I know some games, monitors, and graphic cards have issues with Windows HDR.

Like I mentioned, I've tested 5 different screens with different cables and HDR ON/OFF so that's not the case...

Hello Ken Adams,

The ROG Strix 3090 has three 8-pin power connectors, are you using three separate 8-pin pcie power cables?

Hello, yes.

Card is connected via 3 separate cables to 850w Corsair PSU, I've also tried 850w EVGA PSU, no difference.