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RTX 2080 ti Dual and Amazon

Level 8
Per the subject I had a general question to the community. I preordered that RTX 2080 ti Dual (DUAL-RTX2080TI-O11G) from Amazon the day of the announcement and to date have heard nothing really in terms of shipping/availability from them.

My question is basically has anyone that preordered through Amazon heard anything yet? Or even started received product?

More then anything this is just out of general curiosity as the delays don't bother me so much as the lack of clear information/updates. Yes I am aware of the thread on the Nvidia forum that mentioned the delays in general availability for the FE cards and indirectly the AIB cards.
I collect the games and engineer some things.

Level 7
I ordered mine through Overclockers. They have stock that comes in batches but gets taken up quickly. I set up alerts on when they received stock

Level 8
Yes I have alerts set up as well for stock notifications. I am just leery of cancelling my preordered at this time, partially because it is paid in full and partially because there is no guarantee ordering somewhere else will not result in an order cancellation because they allowed to many orders. Best Buy has been particularly guilty of that in the past.

But like I mentioned it is not a major issue of, oh no! my computer is broken and needs a new GPU quickly as the GTX1080 I have now is working fine. It is mostly just curiosity if others have been getting the cards from Amazon.
I collect the games and engineer some things.