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RTX 2080 Strix OC and power limit: a new BIOS is in order!

Level 7
With the introduction of the 2070 Super cards, it has become obvious that Asus should provide an official BIOS update for their existing 2080 Strix OC customers.

The 2070S Strix OC uses a further cut-down version of the same TU104 chip as the 2080, has the exact same PCB and power delivery... In short, it's the same exact card but with a lower-tier GPU chip in it. And yet, Asus has provided the 2070S Strix OC with a BIOS that has a higher maximum power limit than the higher-tier 2080 Strix OC. There are no justifiable arguments for the 2080 Strix OC to have maximum allowed power limit of 307W when the same exact card with a 2070S chip has a maximum power limit of 319W. It can't be because Nvidia doesn't allow a higher limit: there are other 2080 cards that have had a power limit of up to 350W all along. It can't be because Nvidia doesn't allow raising the power limit with a BIOS update: there are several other AIBs that have provided higher power limit BIOSes as updates for their Turing cards. It can't be because the TU104 chip can't handle it: both Asus and other AIB partners now have TU104 cards that have a higher power limit than the 2080 Strix OC, which as a whole is regarded as the top dog when it comes to any TU104 cards. It can't be that the PCB and power delivery of the 2080 Strix OC can't handle it: the 2070S is proof of that.

Asus: please show respect for your customers who bought the 2080 Strix OC at a rather hefty price. Provide us with an official BIOS update with at least the same amount of power limit headroom as the lower-tier 2070 Super Strix OC!

Level 7

Level 13
Flash with matrix BIOS although it may not do any good. already walked that path and it hits a ceiling no matter what the power limit is.
First thing you need is adequate cooling, the stock air block isnt it.
I came to find out that even with a GALAX HOF BIOS I still hit a ceiling before the power limit. Depending on the lottery these cards (being all 2080TIs) are getting around 2150 tops (ocassionally 50MHz higher but rarely). Im getting that with the stock BIOS power limit slider to max +40 on voltage on a pair of 2080Ti OC O11G.

Sorry to necropost, but i think i have to revive this up. I am hitting this damn 307w power limit and this card is obviously capable of doing much more. Give us modified vbios with atleast 320w. All STRIX card use the same pcb and cooling solution, i see no reason why 2070s should have higher power limit.